Style Show celebrates the 50th Old Timers Days Festival

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Style Show celebrates the 50th Old Timers Days Festival

The Style Show is back! “50 Years: Celebrating Our Past” is the theme for this years festival and carries over into our style show. Yes, the Old Timers Days Style Show is back from the early 80’s, when there was a style show for men, women and children. 1984 Old Timers Days Style Show We are having children, adult and family categories just like in the good ole days, when Betty Reed organized it. We would like original outfits entered, but we will accept replicas (copies) of original Old Timer outfits. Original means the original clothing worn by individuals and families of years gone by. Men can put on their military uniforms for the Armed Forces category, just for example, a WWII uniform, there is a farmers category, old time women and men’s clothing and children’s clothing. You can research the Peebles Library or online for period-style clothing. If you have clothing you want someone old time style to wear for you that is fine. Just like old times we are keeping the rules of the style show the same. The outfits will be judged on originality, completeness of the outfit, and presentation. Judges will not know the contestants. Children’s category is 15 and under. Adult’s category is 16 and over. Prizes awarded. A person may model more than one outfit, but can only enter one category to be judged. The costume will be judged not the model, so a child may model an adult outfit. If you’ve been a part of the original style show and would like to help bring this great event back as it was, please contact Marie Palmer at 937-587-3749 Who: Anyone dressed in old fashion attire is eligible, no registration. Any age! The attire has to be old not the participant! What: All clothing is to be old time style. Best dressed couple, best dressed farmer, best dressed old time individual female and individual male and best dressed armed forces uniform. When: On stage during opening ceremony at 6 pm. Why: We are celebrating the past for our 50th festival year!

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