Nominations for Old Timers Days Couple

Posted by Marie Palmer on Monday, September 5, 2016 Under: Wanted
Nominations are closed for 2016
Old Timer's Days Couple
It's time for nominations for Old Timers Days Couple. Write a detailed, meaningful letter about the couple you'd like to nominate and be willing to read it on stage at the festival during opening ceremonies.
For a couple to be eligible for this honor, one of the two must be at least 65 years old and nominated by a relative or friend in a letter telling about their achievements and their support of our town of Peebles. The letters are taken out of town so impartial judges can select the winners.
Send your letters to: OTD Couple, P.O. Box 243, Peebles, Ohio 45660. Deadline: Letters postmarked by September 1st. The winners family will be notified a week before the festival begins and as always we will announce the couple on stage during opening ceremony on Festival Thursday.
I recently pulled out an old tabloid in the Scout Building and it listed some of our Old Timers Days Couples of the past and they include: 1991, Lavone and Burneda Bailey; 1990, Warren and Inda Thomas; 1989, Mark and Edith Ryan; 1988 Jesse and Thelma Thompson; 1987, Noel and Pearl Lindamood; 1986, Merle and Flora Foster; 1985, Julius and Ethel Phillips; 1984, Dawson and Myrtle Blythe, 1983, Dana and Mildred Syphers; 1982, Floyd and Mae McCoy; 1981, Forrest and Fannie Nichols; 1980, John and Hazel Walker; 1979, Ottis and Faye Swisshelm; 1978, Will and Ocie Ryan; and 1977, Mr and Mrs. Ebert Auston. 2015 Rick and Sally Cunningham

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